Welcome to the amazing world of Ham Radio!

Get ready to ditch the Wi-Fi, ditch the static, and say hello to a whole new way to connect. Here, you'll become a licensed radio operator, a master of the airwaves, able to chat with folks down the street or across the globe, all with your very own radio rig.

Think of it like a secret clubhouse only accessible by special code – and that code is your Ham Radio license! But don't worry, getting it isn't like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. We've got your back with awesome classes and study sessions that'll turn you into a radio whiz in no time.

So, ditch the screens, grab your headphones, and prepare to blast off into the world of ham radio! It's an adventure waiting to happen, filled with friendly faces, exciting connections, and endless possibilities.

Ready to join the crew? Let's get started!

P.S. Got questions? We've got answers! Don't be shy, reach out, and let's make some waves (radio waves, that is)!

You can become a licensed amateur radio operator with the help of the Garden School ARC and Hall of Science ARC joint education program!  We provide free license test preparation classes each year for the three levels of amateur license:  Technician, General, and Amateur Extra.  

Courses being offered (Register here)

Our VE Team will provide an FCC License Testing Session after each course 

For more information about our Education Program please visit our Amateur Radio VE Courseswebsite.

Please contact kd2lpm@jrhaleteacher.me or k2gsg@gardenschool.org for more information.



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